We are a company that want to help people to manage their money better. We know that there are a lot of people that do not manage their money well and find that they get into trouble with money. We feel that this is not necessary but also not people’s fault. Most of us have not been formally taught how to manage money and therefore just have to try to work it out for ourselves. This is not easy and unless we find some good resources, perhaps books or websites or have been lucky enough to be taught by our parents, we will have very little guidance. We therefore hope that we can help you to start learning a bit more. We do not want to make it complicated though and so we have kept everything clear and simple. We do not want to put anyone off and we hope that we can start to help you to get more confident with money and know what the best things are to do with it. Just making a few changes can make a big difference in the long run and if we know what changes to make and how to make them then this can be helpful. This is what we aim to do – show you what you can do to improve your financial situation in a simple way.