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Longreach operates along the lines of a therapeutic community, acknowledging and promoting the importance of mutual support as a vehicle for sustained recovery. Our programme is designed to offer a balance between therapeutic groups, other group activities, individual therapy sessions and individual assignments. We provide a place of safety and clear structure, within which you can address your own particular difficulties at a pace appropriate to your needs and recovery goals.

Service users are offered the opportunity to get involved in a life and social skills programme, which, depending on some seasonal variations, includes workshops, relaxation training, acupuncture, arts and crafts, gym, Tai Chi, complementary therapies, gardening, and other activities.

Longreach provides excellent services to women who have undergone detox in a medical setting but who, for whatever reason (which may include history of sexual and physical abuse), would prefer to engage in treatment in an all-female environment. Women who choose to come to Longreach may also need time to address underlying difficulties with self-esteem, body image, relationship building, dependence on men, health and sexual issues, food issues, employment, parenting, etc. Much work goes into repairing relationships between mothers and their children, and children can visit for stays of up to seven nights.

Longreach is renowned for providing services for women with very complex needs. Specialist interventions include:

Longreach is renowned for providing services for women with very complex needs. Specialist interventions include:

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) for those who need to address trauma, abuse issues, anxiety, etc

T.A.R (Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery)

Foundations of Healthy Relationships, A twelve week rolling programme that looks at issues around personal development and relationships, with a key theme being experiences of domestic abuse. The programme is designed to explore and validate experiences and feelings whilst offering new perspectives and developing skills for building and sustaining more healthy relationships in recovery.

A Parenting programme, which explores communication with children, carers and professionals, setting boundaries and healthy relationships, goal setting and priorities, dependency issues, building confidence and self-esteem, breaking cycles of behaviour and learning about consequences of substance misuse

There are 22 beds for women over the age of 16, and the length of the programme is a minimum of 3 months, with an option for an additional 3 month period, depending on funding availability and the needs and wishes of the service user.


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