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How Do I Get Into Treatment?

Many of our clients are referred to us by medical professionals, but you do not have to be referred to secure treatment at Broadreach House – you can apply to us yourself.

Simply download the application form, complete it in full, and post it to the Admissions team at the Broadreach address. We will then contact you with a suggested assessment date. We strongly recommend that you contact the admissions personnel by phone, too, as they will be able to talk you through the process, which will speed up your application and ensure an early assessment.  Their number is 01752 797100.

If you need funding for your treatment, you will also need to be assessed by your local drug or alcohol team. Our admissions staff can assist you in locating them.

How long is the waiting list?

This will vary between the units. Assessment can usually be arranged within a few days of receiving the completed application form. Once the assessment is complete the waiting time for Broadreach is about 2 weeks.

Waiting lists may be longer for Closereach and Longreach, although we will endeavour to find a bed as soon as possible. Even if the list is long, it is important to have your assessment as soon as you can, so that your name is on the waiting list for admission. Sometimes people drop out and you could find yourself getting into treatment sooner than you expected. Contact our Admissions Team for current availability at Broadreach, Longreach and Closereach.

Am I allowed to have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcome at designated times. You will find details in the Service Users Guide of each unit, which you will receive on assessment.

Do I have to stop using before coming in?

No, we have full detox facilities for all drugs and alcohol at Broadreach. If you are using methadone, however, you will need to reduce to 80mls per day before coming in.

You are required to be drink and drug free before admission to Longreach or Closereach. Talk to whoever is co-ordinating and funding your treatment about arranging your detox. We can offer a detox at Broadreach for those waiting to enter either unit.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring any medication you are already taking and hand it to the Nurse, who should also be informed if you suffer from any allergies. Bring your everyday clothes, personal toiletries, etc. You may wish to bring some personal photos or other familiar items to help you feel more comfortable as you settle in. It’s useful to include shoes and clothes suitable for walking in whatever the weather, as you will get out on some walks and trips during your stay. Swimming and gym gear may also be useful.

For security reasons it is not advisable to bring electronic equipment, valuables, jewellery or large sums of cash.

How long does treatment last?

Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, but you will probably stay at Broadreach for 2 to 6 weeks, at Closereach and Longreach for 3 to 6 months. The Day Service is a 12 week programme, although you can receive support for longer if you need it.

Have you got gym facilities?

Yes, at our Ocean Quay day service, which you can visit (with the Doctor’s approval), usually after being at Broadreach for 2 weeks.

Can I bring my car?

We would not recommend bringing a car as we limit parking space at all the centres.

Do you have single rooms available?

Yes, there are 20 single rooms at Broadreach mostly ensuite, and 5 double occupancy rooms all ensuite.  Rooms at Closereach and Longreach are mostly double occupancy.

Can I go shopping?

At Broadreach, individual shopping requirements can be met through a twice-weekly ordering system from a local supermarket. You will not be able to visit the shops on your own while at Broadreach. At Closereach and Longreach, however, as you are resident for a much longer period of time you will be encouraged to be responsible for personal shopping.

What can I do in my spare time?

Easily managed hobbies are encouraged at all our centres, and leisure activities and walks will also be arranged by the staff at Broadreach. You can also bring books and magazines to read, and you will be able to watch TV in the evenings from 5.00 pm onwards. Transport to local AA/NA meetings is arranged for people who wish to attend. At Closereach and Longreach there is a range of organised visits and leisure activities, as well as opportunities for you to develop your own interests, hobbies and educational activities.

Can I bring my dog?

No, we have no facilities for pets. We have found that the Cinnamon Trust may be able to look after your pet during your stay. Contact (01736) 757900 or email

What happens to my benefits?

We will draw your benefits for you during your stay, and you will be given £20.45 per week Personal Expenses. The rest is counted as your contribution towards treatment costs, as agreed with your Care Manager.

I am claiming Housing Benefit. Will my rent be paid whilst in treatment?

Yes. Housing Benefit can be paid for up to 12 months in residential treatment.


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