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About Broadreach House


Broadreach is an innovative and dynamic registered charity with over three decades of experience in delivering a wide range of effective, recovery focused treatment services to adults with dependency issues. All of our services are located in Plymouth, a vibrant waterfront city situated on the south coast of Devon: featuring the most beautiful sandy beaches, national parks and rural countryside along with historic architecture.

Treatment Approach & Ethos

Broadly speaking, our treatment programmes are MI, CBT and DBT based with a focus on developing individual coping skills. We do not offer a traditional 12 step programme but we do provide the option to attend AA, NA and SMART recovery groups.

The underpinning ethos for delivery of our treatment services is based on the understanding that alcohol and drug dependence is a result of the complex interaction of cultural, social psychological and genetic determinants. We embrace the ethos at the beginning of a client’s treatment journey that they can and should be supported in achieving abstinence, recovery and independence to the benefit of themselves, their families and the wider community.

The central tenet of our approach is the impetus for change being drawn from the individual client by promoting self-efficacy, personal choice and individual responsibility. Our eclectic approach is based on a bio-psychosocial model, meaning we appreciate that our clients require a variety of different interventions to assist them through the primary and secondary treatment phases.

Our Expertise

We have a proven track record in delivering successful outcomes for all age groups and an excellent and well established reputation for working with clients with more complex poly drug use, co- morbidity and dual diagnosis issues, women who are pregnant and prolific offenders. We are well practiced in supporting seamless transitions post detox to our residential rehabilitation services, or others.

Many clients admitted to our services have pre-existing medical conditions associated with dependency. Our Medical Officer and full time NMP work with the client to develop the prescribing and nursing care plan, directing the safe and effective management of other existing health conditions and/or any that may emerge during treatment.

The majority of clients referred to our services have been unsuccessful in achieving abstinence in the community and are in crisis. We are experienced in working with individuals who have a wide range of conditions including anxiety & mood disorders, borderline personality disorders, schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, disordered patterns of eating and a history of self harm. Our high profile Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist supports staff and clients in all of our services and participates when necessary in assessing, reviewing and rationalising medications prescribed for clients with a dual diagnosis and can, where agreed, continue or initiate the prescribing of Disulfiram, Naltrexone, etc.

Our longer term programmes offer a range of specialist work to address underlying issues common to our clients.


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